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신규단원 모집

  • 유초등부, 중등부, 성인부, 시니어부

  • 취미반/작품반/타악기/공연반 

  • 학교 행사 및 기관 행사 환영

  • ​연말 봉사 및 장학증서 수여

We Offer Classes for 

  • Youth(1st to 4th Grade)

  • Junior(5th to 12th Grade)

  • Adult

  • Senior​​

  • Studio :  1501N Rolling Rd. Baltimore, MD 21228

  • Contact : Director, Sang Hee Ju, 443-867-0464                    

Certifying for the Volunteer Service

 Award in the Governor of Maryland

 Outreach Programs Available

 Welcome Performance Inquiries

Stepping Stones of Maryland Culture & Art of MD
Sanghee Ju Dance Company
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