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The President's Volunteer Service Award

As a qualified non-profit organization certified by the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), we offer volunteer service hours to those who dedicate themselves to supporting our community and joining us as members.

신규단원 모집

  • 유초등부, 중등부, 성인부, 시니어부

  • 취미반/작품반/타악기/공연반 

  • 학교 행사 및 기관 행사 환영

  • ​연말 봉사 및 장학증서 수여

We Offer Classes for 

  • Youth(1st to 4th Grade)

  • Junior(5th to 12th Grade)

  • Adult

  • Senior​​

  • Studio :  1501N Rolling Rd. Baltimore, MD 21228

  • Contact : Director, Sang Hee Ju, 443-867-0464                    

Certifying for the Volunteer Service

 Award in the Governor of Maryland

 Outreach Programs Available

 Welcome Performance Inquiries

Stepping Stones of Maryland Culture & Art of MD
Sanghee Ju Dance Company
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