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Sang Hee Ju Dance Company (주상희 무용단)

The Sang Hee Ju Dance Company was formed as a program of Philippi Church, MD in 2011. Currently, the following classes are being offered:

  • Hobby Class: Covers basic Korean dance and folk songs, among other topics.

  • Art Class: Includes towel dance, Sanjo, Webuk dance, and other styles.

  • Percussion Class: Focuses on Janggo Dance, ModeumBuk, and Sam Go Moo.

  • Performance Class: Helps students prepare for performances such as Fan Dance, Arirang, and Sae Ta Ryung.

Please note that students are eligible to participate in performances upon completion of the classes.

Sang Hee Ju Dance Company (주상희 무용단)는 2011년 빌립보교회 프로그램으로 결성되어 공연을 시작했으며, 현재 다음과 같은 클래스를 운영중이다. 

  • 취미반 : 한국무용기초, 민요작품 외

  • 작품반 : 수건춤, 산조, 외북춤 등

  • 타악기반 : 장고, 모듬북, 삼고무

  • 공연반 : 부채춤, 장고춤, 아리랑 등 공연에 필요한 작품. ※작품 이수 후 공연참가.

Team Members(May. 2023. 현 단원)

Young Ran Smith

Young Ja Kim

Myong Hwa Shin

Ae Sook Park

Eun Jung Shin

Geum Ja Syun

Sarah Choi

Youn Hee Lee

Oh Sook Choi

Kyu Han

95 copy.jpeg
Sang Hee Ju Dance Company
Sang Hee Ju Dance Company

문의(Q&A) : Director, 443-867-0464 (주상희)
​연습실(Studio) :
9460 Frederick Rd Ellicott City, MD 21042

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