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Spreading Korean Culture 

Korean Culture & Art of MD (KCAMD) is dedicated to promoting Korean traditional culture and arts by providing showcases of special cultural performances and artifacts thereby enriching cultural diversity and empowering the ethnic communities. We have performed at numerous special cultural events and ceremonies throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. 


KCAMD was established in 2002 with the founding of Stepping Stones, a youth Korean traditional Modeumbuk (drumming) team, which aimed to teach and transfer the precious cultural values of Korea to the next generation of Korean Americans and to establish a unique Korean-American identity.

In 2011, the Sanghee Ju Dance Company, a Korean traditional dance team, was formed and has since participated in various cultural events, spreading and developing Korean culture in communities throughout the US.

KCAMD was registered as a non-profit foundation in 2017 and has continued to contribute to community engagement through various performance activities, including celebratory performances, collaborations with cultural groups, consolation performances for the underprivileged, and regular performances.



메릴랜드 한국문화예술원(KCAMD)은 차세대 한국계 미국인들에게 한국의 소중한 문화적 가치를 가르치고 전수하며 한인으로써의 정체성을 확립하기 위해 2002년도에 징검다리(Stepping Stones), 청소년 전통 모둠북팀이 발족되면서 설립되었습니다.


2011년에는 주상희무용단이 결성되어 다양한 문화행사에 참여하여 미국 사회에 한국문화를 전파하고 발전시켜왔습니다. 2017년에 비영리재단으로 등록되었으며, 축하공연, 문화단체와의 협업, 소외계층을 위한 위로공연, 정기공연 등 다양한 공연활동을 통해 지속적으로 미국 사회와의 교류에 노력하고 있습니다. 


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