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9/17/2023, 45th Maryland Korean Festival

We had the privilege of participating in the 45th Maryland Korean Festival, which took place at the Live Casino Hotel Parking Lot in Hanover, MD on Sep 17th. This vibrant festival showcased a rich blend of creativity, talent, and traditional performances, all complemented by a delightful array of Korean cuisine. It was a wonderful opportunity to bring our community together and highlight the best aspects of Korean culture.

At the festival, the parents of Stepping Stones and members of the Sang Hee Ju Dance Company organized a fundraising event at a food booth for our kids, which turned out to be a tremendous success.

We offered a selection of Korean dishes, including Kimchi, Kimchi Jjigae, Korean Chicken Curry, Japchae, and Pajeon at our booth. We're thrilled to share that everything sold out quickly! Our homemade Kimchi, in particular, was a standout hit among festival-goers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all parents and members those who supported us during this endeavor. Your assistance was greatly appreciated!

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